Brad Andersen Guitars | About
Brad Andersen guitar shop resides in the heart of Old Town at beautiful Patio Escondido. Visitors are welcome to see the guitar building process first-hand and discuss the materials and techniques used in creating instruments that have beautiful sound and presence.
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My guitars are built using a large variety of tone woods. I seek to build instruments that are captivating to the eye, and a conduit for the musical expression of the guitar artist and aficionado’s alike.


I grew up in Southern California and Yuma Arizona.  My Father was a skilled craftsman and Engineer by trade. We were always in “the shop” building, mostly remote control aircraft, he taught me everything about quality building and patience.

I built my first guitar at the age of 11″.  A grade school project completed by my Dad and I, it was a plywood “solid body” loosely based off of an old Norma guitar I had, with fishing line strings and a silver and blue spray can finish.  It wasn’t much to look at, but I loved this guitar, and it planted a seed that would be realized years later.

I joined the Army just after High School and became a helicopter Crew Chief for three years.  I then took employment with a large aerospace company and made a career of it for thirty years, and during this time around 1998 I began to build guitars.  I had taken some great classical guitar classes at a local college and soon wanted a better instrument. My good friend Bubba Gross said “why don’t you just build one?”, so I did. I remember taking that first guitar into World of Strings in Long Beach California, and to my fortune the great builder Kathy Weingurt , who worked there at the time, came out to take a look at it.  She said “that looks great, you should build another one!”. I am so grateful to her for her kind words and encouragement back then.  


I began to build more, and also starting doing repairs for a local music store. The repair experience was invaluable in learning how to, and maybe more importantly how not to build guitars!

Fast forward to August of 2016, I left my aerospace career to begin my second career, to realize my passion, to create world class instruments, to provide musicians with a precision, expressive tool allowing them to fulfill their passion as well!


  • Each of my guitar necks are shaped by hand. This allows me the flexibility to adapt the contour and dimension to an individual players liking during the process if needed.

  • Before closing the box: I incorporate solid linings on my builds, and strive to ensure that they are of the highest standard before installing the back.

  • My Rosettes are all my own custom designs. Using a multitude of materials from natural stones, shells, and woods.